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RENDERfaber born from the intuition of a young visionary photography enthusiast who has successfully combined the expertise to design and photography with the interest and the study of architecture and its history. The first results emerge since the late 80's, when he was tackled a regular depth of 3D software to implement a combination of graphic art and architectural design.

The enormous development that has changed the construction market and the technological innovation that led to the creation of virtual images 3d, contributed to the birth of a new profession: the producer of 3D rendering.

RENDERfaber is the union of the words "RENDER" which is short for 3D rendering and "faber", which from our noble and original Latin, means craftsman.

Abscheren des Blattes Stanzteile Biegeteile Folgewerkzeugen Tiefziehen von Blechen Deep Drawing Progressive Dies Stamped parts Small metal parts Punched parts